Grilla's Welcome Series, Part III (SFV East Coast)


Street Fighter V

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Double elimination



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1st - $0 (60%)
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3rd - $0 (10%)

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Tournament Rules

Rules: Player must satisfy the following requirements to participate in online matches: A player must have a minimum of 10 Mbps download/upload speed. Ping: Must be less than 80. Jitter: Less Than 65ms. Check-in 1 hour prior to scheduled match time. A Player must have a account. A Player must reside where PSN or Steam is available. A player must have a PSN or Steam account. Matches are FT2, and FT3 during TOP 8 A player must match their Discord user name to their CFN username in-game.

*Players must join our discord and check in 1hr prior the event @6PM EDT under our #Street-Fighter-V channel.

Use the link below to join our discord: