gamepad King of Fighters XV
users 0 / 50 Participants
money $15 per participant


1st - 70%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%
Prize Pool
1st - 70
2nd - 20
3rd - 10

Tournament Overview

STG is back, with a new home on Grilla! Come join us at the infamous Riverside Game Lab for a night of blood, salt and tears. We have proven to a rock-solid entity with the Southern California scene. Don’t miss out on another great event, featuring: MK11 and KOFXV!

Tournament Location

3633 Market Street, Riverside, CA 92501, USA

Tournament Organizer

Tournament Rules

Stage 1: Double elimination


  • All games are FT3
  • Double Elimination -BYOC


  • FT2 until Winners/Losers/Grands
  • Double Elimnation -BYOC